314 Kendall Ave, High Point,
27260 NC

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About CAC Bethel Highpoint Church

In the Fall of 2008, the Spirit led the Leadership of Christ Apostolic Church [Bethel] North Carolina, to establish a branch of the Church in High Point – a smaller city south of Greensboro. By the end of that year, the idea started taking root.
Thus, on March 19, 2009,, a House Fellowship took off, the basement of the house of a family member in Thomasville . Initially we met every Thursday for prayers. The group included pastors,elders,deacons and other members. Like the Apostles of old whom the Lord instructed to wait in Jerusalem, we faithfully kept to this arrangement for a whole year. We also included houseto-house evangelism, public preaching and distribution of tracts and pamphlets. Even with little
response we were undaunted.

In November 2009, we started looking for a suitable place in High Point that can be used as church.. After months of searching we no result the search was extended to Thomasville. The first place we got was a shop inside a shopping complex, strategically located, between High Point and Thomasville. In March 2010, the group moved and occupied their first worship center as a Church.
In March, 2011 Pastor Adeneye resumed the leadership of the church. Under him we experienced much progress. Our number kept growing, and miracles are experienced. Soon it dawned on us to start looking for a new, bigger and more permanent place of worship. We investigated a few places before the Lord directed our steps to our new location,a former run down Upholstery Shop. After praying we were convinced this is the place the Holy Spirit wanted for us. Work started in earnest in July 2012 and by October with enthusiasm and joy, and devoting everything from time to money to
talent like the Israelites of old, the work was completed. We have our first service on the first
Sunday in November.

Overall we want to thank the good Lord first and foremost for keeping His promise that wherever the soles of our feet touch, He will claim it for. As of today the church has grown into a diverse,multi ethnic church of All Nations. Glory be to God in the Highest.